Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dark Video

No, I'm not being cryptic. It's an amateur videographer's way of sayin he should've used better lighting.

It's unclear who wrote this old folk song, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't Eric Burden and The Animals. Wikipedia goes into more detail in their write-up. I was around 10 or 12-years old when I first heard it on the radio and it was one of the first songs I learnt.

That's Phillip singin, I'm playin acoustic guitar.


tina said...

Gee TC, Sure wish you lived closer, Jimmy has discovered music and taught himself a few songs on the guitar and keyboard. You play it wonderfully and the singer sings well too! Hope all is fine, stay warm.

flydragon said...

Oh, one of my all time favorite songs. And you certainly play a mean guitar.

walk2write said...

Our own TC and friend, a YouTube music sensation! I love it! Your method of chasing away the winter blues appeals to me a lot more than mine--looking up new words in the dictionary so I can beat everybody at Scrabble. By the way, I was looking at my windchimes again here in FL and wondering if you had ever found a good set for your son?

thomas said...

great picking, bro - you made that one come alive like i've never heard.

Joe Lamp'l said...

Well that was a pleasant surprise. Thanks for letting us inside, TC. Would have loved to have been there for that one.

TC said...

Ms. Tina: Thanks for the warm compliment. Tell the Jimmster I said to keep on pickin!

Flydragon: Thank you kindly. The Dog House Three is thinkin about workin it up as bluegrass. We'll see how it goes.

W2W: I'm humbled, but doubt if I'm considered a "YouTube music sensation." I love scrabble! Let's play sometime. I think there's online versions. And no, we've not found chimes yet.

T: Would love to perform it with you some day!

Joe: And we'd love to have you. Of course you'd be required to sing. ;~)

Roses and Lilacs said...

Isn't it a Bob Dylan song? I thought it was. I used to sing with a group back when folk was at it's peak. Not that song, tho I do like it a lot.

TC said...

Ms. Marnie: I used to think it was Dylan's also. But after researching, I don't think it is. I wonder if there's a way I could get in touch with Bob and ask him personally?