Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh no, a poem

I love to talk. But only about certain things here. I was asked recently why I didn't "pour it all out" and I don't really have a good answer. Perhaps it has something to do with transparency and a trepidation about revealing too much. We all have dark secrets. I often express them in poetry. Letting on that you write poetry can be revealing, but whether or not your words are poetic to a reader is another matter. Which is why I think poetry is such a wonderful way to express yourself. I offer no interpretations or critical analysis of my poetry; I got enough of that in college. You may or may not enjoy reading poetry, I can honestly say that I'm not very well read on the masters, although I've always been intrigued by their ability to evoke so much with just a few (or many) words.

Some would ridicule morose poetry. Not I. And if you, dear reader, find my poems to be a bit on the gloomy side, well, don't fret, I'm kind of used to walkin in the dark.

Soft Song

Softly made a noise I could hardly hear,
wrapping her voice around me like a hug.
I tasted her skin and heard it so clear,
or was it that other thing that's made up
of so many lies and so many tears?
Forgetting to listen with words I feel,
while she places inside terrible fears.
Her thick crusty shell reminds me of steel.
Why always open when it should be closed?
This meaningless tangle of nothingness.
I see upside down, I'm not wearing clothes,
I walk on water to compare this.
It's more than my cup will ever contain,
a nightmarish soft song with no refrain.


tina said...

Kind of dark, but that is okay. Most poetry I read and wrote (all two of them) in high school was a bit dark. I think poetry by its very nature brings out deep feelings and appeals to all because of its emotion. I like it, and no, I shall not read into its meaning at all. That is not what I think poetry is for, it is an individual thing to appeal to the reader although it may express the writer it is still an individual thing.

walk2write said...

So, it's those curves that get you, huh? I never thought about guitars that way, but then I'm not a man and I don't play them. Your poetry goes pretty deep, man. Keep pouring.

TC said...

Ms. Tina: I think your feelings on poetry are right on. And I'd love to read those early poems of yours; teen angst and hormone levels off the charts make for interesting, if not a tad immature, poetry me thinks.

W2W: Yes. Curves. And the feel of smooth wood, acoustically speaking of course. ;~)