Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A proposal

A good friend of mine (are you comfortable calling someone "a good friend" even though you've never "met" them?) came up with an interesting proposal. She wondered if I might be up to creating one of those meme things. First, let me say that I've never done much spreading around of stuff (composted manure, leaf mulch, seeds and other gardening paraphenalia excluded) and secondly, I didn't even know what a meme was till recently. So, I gave it some thought, and decided why not? It's winter, the garden is cold and lifeless (not really, if you look a ways under the dirt), and you don't have to say anything for the meme I'll be creating.

"Say Nothin' Saturday" will make its second appearance this Saturday, November 29th, and I'll start having Say Nothin' Saturdays weekly, on...yes, Saturday. And don't worry, if you don't want to say anything (read: post your own or comment on blogs of other Say Nothin' Saturday participants) that's quite alright; "it ain't no thang."

All you have to do on Say Nothin' Saturday is say nothin. Instead, you'll post a photograph, or two, or three. Don't go overboard with them, pick a few, or one, that says something to you, or one that don't say anything, and post it. I'll do the same, like I did in last Saturday's Say Nothin' Saturday. If you think a word or two about your picture is necessary, well, you're really not playin right, but go ahead and say it; only a word or three please.

I'd ask all those who decide to do this, to send me a link to your Say Nothin' Saturday post in your comment to my Say Nothin' Saturday post. I'll compile them in a similar fashion as was done when we all participated in Dave's Garden Blogger Fall Color Project (no promises that my compilation will match the wonderful method Dave used) and add the links in a side bar on my site.

My good friend who posited this idea is walk2write, who noted in a recent comment that "Saturday was named for the Roman god of agriculture." Which could possibly make my Say Nothin' Saturday meme a tad more relevant to gardeners. But keep in mind that your Say Nothin' Saturday post doesn't have to say anything about a particular subject. It can "say" whatever you want it to, besides, sometimes sayin nothin is the best thing to say.

And from us to y'all: Happy Thanksgiving!

See ya Saturday.

I was informed about a similar meme called "Wordless Wednesday." If you're speechless on Wednesdays, and one day a week is long enough for you to keep quiet, don't feel obligated to "Say Nothin' Saturday."

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Reveal

The photo of the waterfall in my previous post was taken at the Cleveland Botanical Garden this past July. My wife and I were there the day after seeing Robert Plant and Alison Krauss in concert, which was an absolutely amazing musical feast (we met folks who didn't know who she was, and others who didn't know who he was). Some of you guessed that the falls were a water feature in my garden. If only! Perhaps you of the bourgeois luxuriate around such features in your garden.

If you live within a couple hours drive of Cleveland, the CBG is a must see. And it's affordable at $7.50 per ticket. The heat of summer was on when we were there, but there's plenty of places you can go to cool off.

Okay, enough of summer past, let's get into present winter.

King corn

From this...

To this (Black Gum).

And now, for all you ailurophiles:

Lightning (photographed by Meghan)

Lightning and Meghan (photographed by Meghan)

And finally, partly because my wife is superannuated, and partly because she loves doing it...

Why we're gardeners


Saturday, November 15, 2008

This will have to do for now

The tropics?

(Answer on Tuesday.)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Indian Summer

There were a few interesting things to see during the past week of Indian summer.

This nest looked interesting. And if you know the variety of the tree, please say so. It's one of the last to lose its leaves.

Here's a very interesting story dealing with new found friendships: The guitar picker on the right lives just down the road from me, but I didn't meet him until this past summer. He's lived there for about as long as we've lived here, 17 years. I didn't know until after meeting him, and after my wife told me, that he too is from the Bluegrass State, and loves bluegrass music (he has old cassette tape recordings of his mother's bluegrass band, they were just as good as any top name bluegrass act today). Maybe I'll record us doin a song and post it here.

I think there's a lot more to black and white than just black and white. I find it surprising to see so many shades in only two colors. Nothing's ever really black or white.

This Japanese maple (Acer palmatum) is most interesting. If you don't have one in your landscape, you need to get one, or possibly two or three. This one was already well established when we moved here. It's never given us any problems.

Milkweed seed pods are quite interesting.

Y'all are also very interesting. I wonder if you'd let me come and take your picture?


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Reflection

Divisions and repotting are sometimes necessary. Although not always easily accepted. But with time, new roots develop as they become accustomed to their new environment. If this environment is nurtured, kept fertile, and allowed its share of sunshine, growth takes place, leading to maturity and beauty.

Our country has a new leader and we so needed a fresh start.