Monday, April 27, 2009

Perhaps another poem

Weedless Hook

Senseless order
invented by Dionysus
and Apollo
became the weeds
in my garden.


tina said...

Urgh! Those dandelions!!

Q said...

A dandelion clock is the poet's flower.
I enjoyed catching up with you this evening. Thank goodness for rainy April days!

walk2write said...

Perspicacious poetry and pretty picture, perfectly paired.

TC said...

Ms. Tina: Yes, they are everywhere right now. No seedheads yet though, that picture was taken last year.

Ms. Sherry: Good to see you again. And rainy April days have returned here as well.

W2W: Thank you. Lovely alliteration.

Dawn said...

The only good dandelions are the dandelion wines, hic-cup!