Thursday, October 28, 2010

Double Blogging

It seems this blog might be getting just as much attention as my WordPress blog. Which makes me wonder if I should try to become a double blogger.

I'd use this one for the sole purpose of shamelessly self-promoting The Write Gardener and use the WordPress blog for everything else.

I wish there were more of me!


Janet said...

Hi Terry, thanks for stopping by my blog with the fall colors. I will have to check out your other blog. I did see you were a Slippery Rock grad--- I am a Shippensburg grad. ;-)

Esther Montgomery said...

We had snow - but it went.

More of you? Then you'd need more blogs.


gardener said...

yeah, you are right.. WP is also good.

Sunray Gardening said...

I guess you could do both. I like the blogspot so far. I am following you be sure to come on over to mine.
Goldenray Yorkies