Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Social Media: mayhem, madness, or just plain crazy?

I'm not sure if I've gotten the hang of the social media craze yet. For some reason I've been thinking all along that it'll provide me with more money. Money from writing jobs that I thought it would generate when folks saw what great content I posted to sites like Facebook, Twitter (say more with less), LinkedIn, this blog, and this one, my website, and now Google+.

What I'm referring to by social media is all the stuff you interact with online. The outside existence of it is for sure a real thing, but it's much more personal. You live and breath an offline social media existence whether you interact with it or not. You can also choose not to interact online, but that's no fun.

Is there a specific definition for social media online interaction? Probably more than the few that come immediately to mind: email, chat, web cams, instant messaging, and so on. My dilemma in trying to figure out the "media craze" has everything to do with how I can find a method to use online interaction as a way to garner income before I reach the other side.


walk2write said...

Part of the trouble is that you're competing with a gazillion other people who are trying to do the same thing. It helps to be either famous or infamous. I hope you wind up in the former category:)

TC said...

W2W: "A gazillion others." Indeed.

Patty said...

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Good luck.

Broken Barn Industries said...

Listening to some Mandolin Whiskey right now- thank you. And perhaps you'd enjoy some Alpacas: